From the Office of Steven Wallman, CEO

Amidst the disruption and uncertainty related to coronavirus (COVID-19), I’m writing to express our concern for you and your family, and to assure you that Folio is here and ready to meet your investing needs.

We are committed to you and your long-term investing goals. You chose us as your online brokerage firm, and we take that responsibility extremely seriously. We want to let you know of the steps we have taken and are taking to support you during this time.

First and foremost, we are protecting the assets you have entrusted to us. Our systems have performed well under the stress of high volumes. Our personnel have also excelled during this time of historical volatility. We have had no outages for customers accessing our site, systems or support teams. 

We are committed to doing all we can to maintain this very high level of stability, functionality and service. The markets may be chaotic, but we are not, and that is by design. We have invested, purposefully, over the years in backup systems and contingency plans, built the capacity to handle trading spikes, and deployed new technology to continue to enhance our platform.

We also are protecting our employees. That means, among other things, that almost all our employees are working remotely. We will support any who become sick or require paid time off. This ongoing pledge to our employees is core to our values and key to our success in serving you.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate market conditions to ensure we continue to provide the high level of service, responsiveness and stability you expect from us. We manage our business with great efficiency; we’ll continue to leverage our agile business practices for your benefit.  

We look forward to being able to look back on this crisis, and to reflect on how you worked towards your long-term investing goals with us. We will continue to communicate with you, and we welcome your feedback. Please stay safe and healthy.


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Steven Wallman
Folio Financial, Inc.