Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

for Motif Investors

The Transfer

Your email platform might have flagged us as an unknown sender and placed the emails in your Junk or Spam folders. Please check there. If you still cannot locate these emails, you will find all of the information from these emails on this FAQ page.

To obtain your new username, please visit the Folio Investing Log In page, select Forgot Username, and follow the on-screen instructions. You will receive an email with your username in approximately one hour. Please check your spam folder and other email accounts to which you have access.

If you do not receive the email, then you may call us to request your username. We will need your full name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth and Social Security Number.

Once you have your username, you may create a password. Please visit the Folio Investing Log In page, select Forgot Password, and follow the on-screen instructions.

We have loaded all of the data that we were provided by Motif, which enabled us to set up most accounts to appear similar to how they appeared at Motif before the transfer to Folio. If your account does not have the motifs that you recall, you will need to set those up on the Folio platform, as we did not receive data for them.

Your account will be restricted if you did not e-sign the customer agreement. When getting access to your account for the first time, you must click “I agree” and then electronically sign the New Account Certification “Item for Attention.” After completing these requirements, the restriction is automatically lifted. 

NOTE: Both joint owners need to log in and e-sign the customer agreement with their own username for a joint account to be un-restricted. 


You can find your pricing plan on the Settings page after you log in.

  • Click Settings in the right column of the Accounts page.
  • The Pricing Plan column on the right side identifies your pricing plan.
  • Click on your pricing plan name  to view details, including your next billing date.

Your monthly fee is deducted from the cash in your account, with the first deduction expected to occur between June 12 and June 15, 2020. With the Unlimited Plan, you also have the option to have monthly, or annual, fees billed to a credit card. 

Motif Investing selected Folio Investing to give you access to leading investment tools in a similar experience to what you’ve enjoyed at Motif Investing. We offer many of the same features (fractional shares, motifs – we call them “folios”) and much more. Folio Investing has been a leader in online brokerage since inception in 2000 and we have built a reputation of innovation, client-centricity, and our enduring commitment to building smarter, better investors.

No, bank links will not come over during the transfer of your Motif account. You will need to log in to your Folio Investing account and set up a new bank link (limited to one per account) using the micro deposit process. You may use your bank link to set up ACH deposits into your Folio Investing account, and ACH withdrawals (up to $25,000 over a 30 calendar-day period). Withdrawals by check or by ACH initiated at your financial institution may be for any amount up to the available cash in your account. 


If you wish to have your pricing plan downgraded to the Folio Investing Basic Plan, email this request to us after your account transfers, and no later than July 20th, 2020, and we will waive the conversion fee to the Folio Investing Basic Plan. Requests to convert to the Folio Investing Basic Plan after July 20th, 2020 will be charged the conversion fee, of $4 per security -- up to $29.

No. The special rate is the discounted pricing that we are making available to Motif customers only. It gives you access to all features of the Unlimited Plan--you can invest in as many folios as you want, in as many accounts as you need, with up to 2,000 commission-free window trades each month. Please see our site for Pricing Plan details—but note, that your special rate is not publicized on this page.

Folio Investing charges one very low fee for a comprehensive range of services that includes trades in multiple accounts, multiple folios (our name for motifs), fractional shares, dollar-based investing, patented tax management tools, and many other features and benefits. Your April 17th email from Motif Investing has the new pricing plan details, and the discounts being made available to Motif customers are very substantial — there are no apples-to-apples price comparisons because of the different approaches to pricing.

We certainly hope that you find value in all that Folio Investing offers, but we understand if you choose to transfer elsewhere or close your account.

To transfer to another broker-dealer or bank, your new firm must initiate the transfer using the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) system. Note, a $100 ACAT transfer fees will apply for a full account transfer.

To close your account, please Log In to your Folio Investing account and click Settings in the right column. Scroll down to the account and click Close My Account and follow the on-screen instructions. Note, tax consequences may apply.

You can view the current version of the Customer Agreement and details of the Folio Investing Unlimited Plan online. Note that the customer agreement may change and that your special discounted price is shown in the email you received from Motif and on the Settings page when you login to your Folio Investing account.


Folio Investing supports as many accounts as you need under your single login, all covered by the discounted monthly or annual fee. So, whether you have 1 account or 100 accounts, 1 folio or 100 folios, it  is still the same discounted fee.

If you already had a Folio account and would like to consolidate your accounts under a single login, please complete and return the Internal Account Transfer Form, which can also be found on the Forms page of the Help Center.

No, you will need to login to your new Folio Investing IRA account and enter your beneficiary designations.

No, you will need to login to your new Folio Investing account and enter your Trusted Contacts.

No, you will need to login to your new Folio Investing account and permission those people onto your account, after they have setup their own account with Folio Investing.

Transfer of Motifs

No, but we offer over 100 Ready-to-Go™ folios (no additional fee) with many of the same themes and concepts previously offered at Motif Investing.  And, Folio Investing offers many features for managing your new folios including—dollar cost averaging, rebalancing, and weighting options.

While it is our goal to transfer all motifs as 'whole units' or folios, your April 17, 2020 Motif email states, "The view of your Motif portfolios may not transfer over to your Folio account. Once your Motif accounts are transferred over, you can reconstruct your portfolio view using Folio tools. To preserve your Motif portfolio view, you will want to take a snapshot or download your motifs prior to the transfer date."


You will receive two tax documents for 2020, one for the portion of the year your account was at Motif, and another for the portion of the year your account is at Folio Investing. Required tax forms for the portion of the year that your account was at Motif will be sent to your address of record by Motif’s former custodian, Pershing. Pershing can be contacted at 1-201-761-5499 with your questions and requests for tax forms. For the portion of the year that your account was at Folio Investing, you will be able to access tax records through the Folio Investing website.

Folio Investing's Offering

At Folio Investing, you will be able to get many of the features and benefits you have at Motif, plus some more robust features, including:

  • A broad offering including just about every U.S. exchange traded security and ETF, plus over 1,100 no-load mutual funds, along with over 100 pre-made portfolios (called Ready-to-Go™ Folios)
  • Fractional share investing (to the 5th decimal place), enabling you to own as much or as little of any supported stock or ETF you want, regardless of price
  • Filter options that allow you to own only what you want. For instance, target socially responsible investing by eliminating individual securities or whole sectors
  • Advanced tax management solutions, including our patented Tax Football™ tool, which allows you to identify opportunities to achieve specific results
  • A cash sweep program that generally pays interest provides extended FDIC insurance coverage up to $4.5 million per customer
  • Easy-to-use performance reporting allowing you to chart your account performance or folios against indices, individual securities, or mutual funds

For more information, visit

Yes, folios can be bought and sold as whole units.

Folio Investing supports an unlimited number of folios (previously motifs) in each customer account. You can setup recurring cash deposits or withdrawals into an account and then setup recurring purchases or sales into each folio.

Yes, you are able to set target weights for each folio, which will streamline the process of purchases and sales across your folios.

Yes, your fractional shares will transfer intact and will not result in a taxable event, unlike the potential tax impact you may incur by moving to another brokerage. Folio has been offering fractional shares and dollar-based investing, as well as commission-free trading, since our launch in 2000.

Yes. Folio Investing will setup all accounts for dividend reinvestment. You may change this option at any time.

Yes, if your cost basis information is on your Motif account on May 20, 2020, it will transfer over to preserve tracking of short- and long-term capital gains/losses. If your cost basis information is absent, you will need to enter this information on your new Folio Investing account.

If you have a margin account at Motif Investing, it will be opened as a margin account at Folio Investing as long as you meet certain requirements (e.g., it is not an IRA account). When you qualify, we offer margin borrowing, enabling you to purchase additional eligible securities (including fractional shares of securities in a folio) without depositing additional funds, based on the securities you already have in your eligible account. See Margin Account Features and Interest Rates for additional information. 

As part of this transfer, Folio Investing will setup all accounts to automatically select tax lots for sale that minimize gains. You can change this setting on Folio Investing site at any time. See our Automated Tax Strategies page for more information.

Folio Investing offers well over a thousand mutual funds, all for no transaction fee with no loads. See the Brokerage Features page for all of Folio Investing's offerings--securities, accounts, products and more.

Folio Investing generally does not support OTC Pink or Bulletin Board securities . If such OTC Pink or Bulletin Board securities are transferred to Folio Investing, then they will generally be setup with a Sell Only restriction -- meaning that you can sell them but cannot buy more.


For OTC/Pink Sheet holdings that did not transfer to Folio, please contact Pershing, Motif's custodian, at 1-201-761-5499 with your questions.


Folio Investing enables subscriptions to IPOs and alternative securities offerings through its site, though the number of offerings is currently very small due to market conditions.

While we do not have an app, you may view your account on mobile via the website. The website's functionality has a great deal of power and features, some of which would be lost in an app. For the optimal experience, the site works best on a computer screen or tablet.

With the Folio Investing Unlimited Plan, you have the option to have the fees deducted from your account or billed to your credit card.

Please explore our site, before and after you login, to find and learn about all of the features, and ways to trade and manage your account. You may find the online Help Center particularly useful.

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